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It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.

May 8, 2008

Two weeks until Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull hits theaters! My excitement for this film has doubled every day since the release of the first trailer, and I’m assured to love it. In discussing Indy’s upcoming adventure with friends and colleagues I’ve found that a lot of people aren’t too excited. A common thought is that Harrison Ford is just too old to play Indiana again, and I can understand this coming from people who only know Indiana Jones as the hero of the 80’s film trilogy. With one’s perceptions of the character only based on his life in the 1930’s as a rugged adventurer in his mid-30’s, a professor in his late 50’s isn’t the Indy who knew and loved.

But for those, myself included, who have followed “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” television series of the mid 1990s (later retitled “The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones”), it is known that there is so much more to Indy. Henry “Indiana” Jones Jr. was a baby who managed to climb to the roof of his house (rescued by a young Henry Jones Sr.), he was a young boy who was privileged enough to travel and learn of the world for a year with his mother and father, and he was a teenager who fought in the first World War and later attended the University of Chicago

Having seen Indy as a child, a teenager and an adult, it’s only logical to see him in his old age. Riding off into the sunset at the ending of “The Last Crusade” wasn’t the end of the series, it was the end of that chapter of his life. Having forgiven his father and having tested his inner faith, Indiana had grown. Now “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” introduces an older and wiser Indy for the generation that grew with him as well as a whole new generation. A line from the upcoming film puts it well:

“When you’re young you spend all your time thinking, ‘who will I be?’ And then for years you’re shouting at the world ‘This is who I am!’ But lately I’ve been wondering – after I’m gone – who will they say I was?”