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I inspired a article!

February 9, 2009

clone-warsSince the release of the movie Star Wars: The Clone Wars last summer, I’ve become hooked on the weekly series of the same name. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out on Cartoon Network or at After the airing of episode 15, titled Trespass, I hit the message boards at to discuss the episode. One major question I had pertained to an honerary title that C-3PO gives to the leader of a snow planet alien tribe. The title was “Son of Suns”, a phrase once thought to be the title of Luke Skywalker (the son of ANakin who grew up on a planet of two suns). After the prequel trilogy, fans believed that Anakin was the literal “Son of the Suns” as he was born without a father and lived on the planet Tatooine. This myth was thought to have even more legitimacy as it is thought that a member of the celebrating crowd on Coruscant yelled “The Son! The Son of the Suns!” at the conclusion of Return of the Jedi: Special Edition.

In the Clone Wars episode in question, Threepio has made even more of a mess by giving the title to not Anakin or his offspring but rather a tall furry snow planet creature. So who is the Son of Suns? Is the myth even legitimate anymore? What did the man on Coruscant actually yell? That’s what I asked the forums, and looked who replied:


The Internet Content Manager for Lucas Online and author of Star Wars stories ranging from comics to roleplaying games! Pablo said “There’s probably enough interest in this to warrant giving it its own story on Look for it next week, but the guy is basically just shouting Huttese gibberish.” Very cool! And what happened next week? A posting on titled “Debunking the ‘Son of Suns’ Myth”

The Internet works! (Plus I was the catalyst for a posting to, score.)