It’s Been A While

"Since I could hold my head up high."I’d like to use the hard rock group Staind to let readers know that I’m aware that “It’s been a while” since I’ve posted to this blog. But I’d like to assure readers that I’m back to blog, and while Staind gets this point across very well, they in no way reflect the direction of the Ocular blog. From now on Ocular will focus mainly on movies, movie marketing and DVD releases. Also, articles will occasionally lean towards design aspects; such as opening titles, poster campaigns and DVD box designs. This refined direction means a more focused blog with an emphasis on movies and marketing design in relationship to movies. Here are just a few ideas for future articles:

DVD Box(ing) Day – A regular feature which looks at the package design of movie and television DVDs, their strenths and wekanesses. Thing of it as a superficial DVD review. Hopefully a better title will come to mind than DVD Box(ing) Day.

The First Five Minutes – Reviews and analysis of the opening titles of movies of recent and past. Also expect top 5 lists of best titles spanning all films and specific genres.

Movie reviews – Brief to in depth reviews of any movie I happen to see, with a Ocular Rating Scale© to come soon!

There are many more great things to come from Ocular besides what I’ve mentioned, so keep coming back to the Ocular blog!

“You’ll be happy you did!”

PS – For about a month this blog was the #1 Google search hit for “Harvey Dent”, directing to the image in my I Believe in Harvey Dent article. I’d like to know who is responsible and if they can do it again for every article.


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